A not-for-profit membership organization for persons with brain injury and their families.

Providing social, recreational, intellectual and creative opportunities to support long-term wellness and quality of life.

About the Program

Common Ground Alliance is designed as a membership organization whose mission is to encourage a sense of community, provide social networking opportunities and offer a variety of meetings/activities for brain injury survivors and families/significant others.

Common Ground’s primary goals are to promote socialization, participation and engagement within a structured and supportive atmosphere, and amongst professionals, fellow survivors and caregivers who understand the unique challenges and needs of persons with brain injury and their families.

Why Common Ground?

Brain injury can result in a combination of physical, cognitive and/or emotional changes that may make it difficult to resume pre-injury activities and lifestyles, and often creates a sense of social isolation.

Successful recovery involves not only rehabilitation to regain one’s skills and abilities to the extent possible. Optimal recovery also includes regaining a sense of meaning and purpose, developing new social/support networks, and creating a routine and lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.

Ideally, a long-term wellness plan includes physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, stress management and emotional support; and opportunities for socialization, recreation, creative self-expression and personal growth. These elements form the basis for maintaining long-term health, satisfaction and quality of life for survivors, family members and significant others.

What Common Ground Offers

Membership in Common Ground Alliance will include participation in any/all regularly scheduled ZOOM meetings, and periodic community-based activities/events organized by group members.

Common Ground Alliance’s ZOOM Meetings include:

  • Discussion Groups
  • Creative Arts Activities
  • Movement/Meditation Groups
  • Music Groups
  • Game Nights
  • Lectures/Guest Speakers

Activities will be led/co-led by facilitators with experience in rehabilitation, counseling, health and/or the arts, as well as persons with brain injury and caregivers.

To join Common Ground Alliance, or for more information, contact Dr. Deborah Benson by phone at (631) 699-5536, or by email at commongroundall@gmail.com.